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Tree Work

Tree pruning

Dead wooding; this will involve removing diseased, dead or storm-damaged branches that could be a hazard to objects below or to improve the look of the tree.

Crown thin; thinning the crown to permit new growth and better air circulation. This involves selective removal of branches within the trees crown to reduce the weight. (Please note this is not a practice we recommend unless absolutely necessary so please discuss with Alasdair for clarification).

Crown reduction; to reduce the height/size of a tree that may be too large for the area the tree is in

Crown lift; to remove obstructing lower branches that may interfere with buildings, roads etc

Pollarding; this is a method of pruning that keeps a tree smaller than they would naturally grow. It is normally started once a tree reaches a certain height, and regular pollarding every few years will restrict the tree to that height.

Tree removal

Tree removal in any area most normally presents a challenge. Here at AJ arborists we can tackle trees in any location however big or small.

Trees are often in close proximity to buildings, roads and walkways. Each tree removal requires careful planning to determine on how the tree or trees are to be removed. The trees may be climbed and dismantled in sections, or felled from the ground and in both cases the work is carried out by highly trained and skilled persons to ensure your safety and also the protection of your home and property. At AJ arborists we use the latest specialised equipment during tree removals to ensure this.

Dead and Dangerous Trees

If you have had a tree blow over or a dead/dying tree we have the tools to undertake the task safely and without incident.

Cable bracing

Cables bracing is a supplemental structural support intended to reduce the risk of failure of weak branches and multiple stems. Cables consist of synthetic rope that is installed in the upper crown of a tree. They are intended to limit the movement of the supported branches so they are less likely to fail during storms.

Structural support systems should only be installed based on a thorough inspection and evaluation of tree structure by our team. Materials and techniques must comply with published industry European standards.

Tree planting

We provide a full tree and shrub planting service from whip size through to semi mature with the selection of bare root through to large container plants. Our nursery grows the trees that we require and we select the best species for the site, soil, and location. Our planting can often involve large and complex machinery – such as cranes working in very tight and constricted environments – when we are installing semi mature stock.

Our shrub planting service concentrates on container material and we can supply and plant shrubs of all sizes from 1-litre pots to instant hedges up to 3 metres tall. We also supply a full after care service to ensure that all the plants are cared for in their first year and beyond.

Fruit tree pruning

Fruit tree pruning is a very specialised and complex task that many people feel they can tackle themselves due to the smaller size of the trees. Each Fruit tree is different and should be pruned at a specific time of the year. We have the knowledge, advice and staff to undertake all your fruit tree needs.